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DR. STEVEN FONSO, BSC., D.C. was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Canada, where at an early age showed the signs of great leadership. Through his athletics and in school settings, there seemed to be this natural tendency to be a voice of inspiration and encouragement. This desire to help encourage people to be better led him to enroll in chiropractic which is a profession designed to assist humanity through maximizing their human potential.

During school and after graduation, his emphasis of study was philosophy, health, human potential, personal development, consciousness and spirituality. In 2004 he opened his first private practice helping thousands to become healthier and more vital. He has worked with people with anxiety, depression, drug addictions and chronic pain, from Olympic athletes to business entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms. With a keen desire for personal mastery, combined with an appetite to serve others, in 2009 he created Veressent Life to help people begin their journey with the ultimate focus; a life dedicated to living in one’s authentic, core nature. He knew that when one was living in their natural state there was connection, peace, love, gratitude and inspiration.

He hosts seminars, workshops and retreats to provide people with the experience and education needed to further their connection to their core essence and to live an inspired life. In his new book, Finding Magic in the Mess, Dr. Steven Fonso teaches people about living in presence, connection, gratitude, love and unity. He now has further branched out and began to teach parents, educators and team leaders on how to best manage their inner state while working with young children, how to get the most out of children’s potential as well as providing strategies to overcome the challenging stresses of everyday life.

Dr. Steven Fonso now is creating an online business and community to support the essence of his work with a special emphasis on personal and relationship mastery, as well as strategies to maximize the wellness of the family dynamic.

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