E091 – Transforming meal time into a positive experience with Ann- Marie Rideout | Parent Talk

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Episode: E091- Transforming Mealtime into a Positive Experience with Ann-Marie Rideout. 

Guest(s): Ann-Marie Rideout, Owner of Well Fed Studios

Today on ParentTalk, Geneviève and Heather are welcoming Ann-Marie Rideout, Owner of Well Fed Studios, to talk about how we can transform mealtime into a positive experience. 

We cover: 

 • How to get my child to the table without drama. 

 • Should children be kept on a strict schedule when it comes to mealtimes? 

 • How to introduce new foods without drama. 

 • How long should my child stay at the dinner table?

 • Should I encourage them to eat? 

 • Putting away technology and turning off all screens to promote healthier eating habits.