E136 – How to Have a Successful Divorce or Separation with Juli Hall & Martha Sasser | Parent Talk

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Episode: E136 – How to Have a Successful Divorce or Separation with 

Guest(s): Juli Hall & Martha Sasser


Today on ParentTalk, Genevieve and Heather are welcoming Juli Hall & Martha Sasser with Co-Parenting Into The Future to talk about how to have a successful divorce or separation.


We cover:


  • How to create a partnership that will also empower their children going forward.


  • The problems that ‘blaming the other parent’ cause for the children.


  • How ‘getting responsible’ for what happened in the marriage can contribute to a powerful future.


  • The importance of having agreements that work for the couple AND the kids.


  • The importance of having a goal or a context that is bigger than just ‘getting along’ with your former spouse.



Happy listening!


Geneviève & Heather


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