E153 – The Waldorf Education Philosophy with Jennifer Deathe | Parent Talk

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Are you familiar with the different options that are available for your child’s education?
Do you wonder what the best education philosophy is for your child’s personality and learning style?

We all want the very best for our children, giving them a solid foundation to grow from, and that will look different for different families. Part of making that decision is to research and learn about the many options available to your family. Everything from different teaching philosophies, education in different languages, to private or public schools.

In today’s new episode, we are welcoming the Enrolment Director of the Waldorf Academy in Toronto, Jennifer Deathe. Jennifer will be sharing information pertaining to the Waldorf Education Philosophy. How it started, how it differs from other education philosophies, and ways we can incorporate this philosophy in our own homes. Jennifer also has first hand knowledge of the value of the Waldorf experience as a parent of two children who both attended the Waldorf Academy.

Feel inspired and excited at the possibilities that are available for your child’s education as we learn about the Waldorf Education Philosophy together!

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Genevieve & Heather

Episode: E153 The Waldorf Education Philosophy 

Guest(s): Jennifer Deathe, Enrolment Director of the Waldorf Academy in Toronto, and Mom of two.