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As the war in Ukraine unfolds in front of our eyes, we can’t forget that our kids are watching too…

They’re hearing things at school, listening to the news on TV at home, and seeing images on their social media feeds.

How can parents talk to kids about what’s happening in an age-appropriate way?

To help us navigate this new situation with our child we have asked Laura Linn these questions: 

  • Would you talk about war with your pre-schooler? Or would they be too young? Should they be shielded from this? 
  • What do you say at different age levels? How do you start the conversation?  
  • Should you ask what they know? How do they feel about it?
  • What if they are scared war will come to America? How can you address their fears? How can you make them feel safe and secure?
  • If they ask questions you don’t know the answers to, how do you respond? 
  • How can you help your children make sense of war if you can’t wrap your own mind around it? 

By listening to this episode you will feel more confident and have better skills on how to approach this new reality with your child. Also, you will learn how to answer your child’s questions in an age-appropriate way.

If you have any unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Genevieve & Becca xo

Tittle: E161 – How to talk about the war to your child

Guest: Parenting Educator Laura Linn Knight is the author of the upcoming book “Break Free from Reactive Parenting” and she’s a former Elementary School Teacher, Certified Positive Discipline Educator, and a Meditation Teacher who specializes in helping parents, teachers, and kids create more calm in the home and in the classroom.

Laura was just interviewed on this topic for NBC’s TODAY.com, and she’s also appeared on Good Day L.A., Great Day Washington, PureWow, and now on the Parent Talk podcast.

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