E166 – How to manage stubborn behaviour in children with Sonja Latifpour | Parent Talk

No one likes being told what to do… but kids who are stubborn can find it downright unbearable, as they hold values ​​like responsibility, autonomy, and freedom at the highest level of their scale of values.


“Strong-willed” children are not just “difficult”: it is important to understand that from their point of view, they feel that their integrity is compromised if they are forced to submit to the will of another person. On the contrary, if they are allowed to choose, they will love to cooperate with you!

This week at Parent Talk podcast we are talking with Sonja Latifpour from Bright Star Counselling about how to manage stubborn in children with Sonja Latipour.


By listening to this episode you will learn many good tips on how to deal with your child’s stubborn behaviour and how to talk to your stubborn child to get their buy-in.


Happy Listening!


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