E81 – Sprains, strains and Growing Pains with Julie Paul | Parent Talk

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Episode: E81 – Sprains, Strains, & Growing Pains

Guest(s): Julie Paul, Paediatric Physiotherapist

Today on ParentTalk, Geneviève and Heather are welcoming Paediatric Physiotherapist, Julie Paul, to talk to us about Sprains, Strains, & Growing Pains. 


We cover:

  • The difference between sprains, strains and growing pains.
  • Is there any way to help our kids with growing pains? Can you give us more information on growing pains? 
  • If we as parents have chronic pain, what can we do to prevent our children from mirroring us?
  • When children have flat feet, could that be contributing to injuries?
  • Julie’s thoughts on supportive footwear and orthotics for foot pain. 
  • Is it normal for little kid’s feet to turning inwards or outwards?
  • The difference in treating kids vs adults as a physiotherapist. 
  • What you want parents to understand about sprains, strains and growing pains.