Electric Tooth Brush for your whole family

Genevieve Kyle , Registed Dental Hygienist.

As a mother and a dental hygienist,

I recommend using an electric tooth brush for you and your family.

Moms can start using them on their baby's gums, so when their baby's teeth star peaking through they will already be familiar with the sensation.

You can start by brushing your own teeth with an Electric Tooth brush in front of your child. This way your child will get use to the sounds and the motions of the tooth brush.

After doing this for a at least a week give your child his own tooth brush so he can start using it.

Often, children will chew on their tooth  brush and will only brush the bitting surface of their teeth as their motor skills are not fully developed until 12 years old.

Help your child brush their teeth and incorporate this into your daily routine (2-3 times/day).

Don't forget, daily flossing is a must to avoid cavities between your child's teeth.

Creating a positive brushing experience with your child depends on you.

Be creative and have fun with the process.