Gross Motor skills in Kids 0-5 years with Kate Heays | Mom Talk / TCCTV

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Is your child not hitting their gross motor skills milestones, and are you worried?

Dive into an enlightening interview with Kate Hayes, a pediatric physiotherapist, as we explore “Gross Motor Skills in Kids 0-5 Years.”


Curious about what exactly gross motor skills are? Kate unravels the mystery, offering a deeper understanding of these essential skills in early childhood development.


Join us on a journey through the main gross motor milestones for kids aged 0-5. Kate breaks down the key developmental stages, providing valuable insights into what to expect during these formative years.


Wondering how to support your child’s gross motor skills development? Kate Hayes shares practical tips and expert advice on fostering a nurturing environment that encourages healthy physical development in your little ones.


Tune in to this enriching conversation with Kate Hayes, and let’s empower ourselves as moms to guide our children through the exciting stages of gross motor skill development.


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