Is my baby too young to play?

Heather Fox, Children’s Play Expert

The answer is never! New born babies thrive on interaction with their caregivers. It is a vital part of development. It is so important to talk and sing to your baby, don’t worry if you forget the lyrics, have fun and make up your own, plus at this age they can’t correct you!

Focus on activities that are tactile, auditory, work on eye tracking, and of course some tummy time. Have fun with your voice and making silly sounds. Use lots of expression verbally and with your face.

Props are fun but definitely not necessary. Tickly fingers can be Itsy Bitsy Spiders or Rain drops falling down. Try basic props like a baby blanket to explore different tactile sensations or to play peek-a-boo!

This special playtime with your little one will benefit both of you in so many ways. Building the bond between you and baby, helping to build their confidence and make them feel happy, secure, and above all else, loved!