Master Practitioner of Applied Positive Psychology

  •  I am the Director of Hungry 4 Learning Ltd, a highly innovative and research-based consultancy specialising in developing flourishing individuals, groups and teams via engaging in a positive frame of reference. The basis of our work is how individuals and teams can engage themselves and develop further to flourish in ever-changing circumstances. My consultancy practice draws on using a holistic strength-based framework, enhancing positivity in terms of cognition, emotions and interactions; and using solution-focused approach and appreciative inquiry to build on what is already working within leaders and organisations. 
  • In 2004, I set up Hungry 4 Learning Ltd and moved to Budapest, Hungary. I was seeking a challenge; that is to work with leaders, teams and people in the community who experience a high degree of stress and turbulence. Since 2004 I have been working in Moscow, Vienna, Prague, Bucharest, Bratislava, Warsaw and other cities in Europe.
  • My passion when I was young was sports and the arts and how to excel my own performance as well as others. I entered flow when I was aged 12 and continuous ‘flow’ experiences led me to become London and British Karate Champion at the age of 14. This inspired me to new heights and by the age of 14 I was coaching adults and I realised I had some natural talents in this field. This fed my curiosity and creativity and I wanted to advance my performances by studying sports psychology and in general. I was reading about other art forms and using my leisure time to learn from the Japanese Masters. This started my understanding of self-mastery and I personally hired world champions so I could continue learning. This platform gave the foundation to study organisational psychology and positive psychology. Also, I gained invaluable feedback in developing new champions as well as competing for 25 years.
  • My first professional insights of systemic workings came when I was working for British Airways, where I was working as a part of the team responsible for running a seven day a week training centre close to Heathrow airport. I was working as an organizational psychologist for British Airways. My role at the team was to design and improve the training for the pilots and performance managers. I was working every day with over 30 different cultures, it was a good base for me to work for a global airline embracing and empowering diverse cultures. 
  • Having learnt the power of unleashing the potential in people, my mission is based on my belief that all people and teams have the right to experience the richness and benefits of optimal functioning and living. For example, in 2013 I founded the concept of Budapest’s Happiness Week to promote well-being to communities in Budapest to further promote the concept of ‘flourishing’. This is why we created the Budapest’s Happiness Week for the last 5 years with activities, keynotes and workshops, and we did it for completely for free to demonstrate the high value of inclusive collaboration. It is well known that social interaction and a sense of relatedness have a profound impact on individual well-being, whereas value systems that emphasize high individualism and material consumption are very detrimental to well-being. We would like more and more people and communities to live with inner strength. We can create a new awareness which needs to be developed and educate leaders and parents in a more enjoyable, active and non-linear way and the feedback we received supports that more and more people are open to holistic well-being.








“Master Paul Pahil left me feeling challenged and questioning my parenting in all the right ways. He was engaging, kind and absolutely brilliant. I am so immensely grateful I had 4 hours to learn from this incredible man's knowledge and research. From someone who has 10 + years of professional childcare experience...I cannot recommend him enough.” Jules Elizabeth July14th2019 Vancouver