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We are passionate about helping parents and our community in anyway that we can. Our podcast grew from a need for reliable, quality information and an opportunity to connect with those experts as well as other like minded parents. New Moms feel very isolated and may be also dealing with a lot of anxiety. We are here to help those moms know that they are not alone. We believe it’s so important to grow your village as we shouldn’t have to go through this parenting journey alone.
Over the last few years we have organized several Mom and baby social events, and are now also working with United Way to better serve our community.
Please reach out if you would like to hear more about our story and the work we are doing to support parents and our community!  

The following is a list of all the media outlets that have covered us.

ParentTalk TV, Launching in 2021! Stay Tuned for link!

United Way article, This article was posted in several news papers including:

On location Vlog:

Tri-Cities News/ 100th episode:

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Geneviève on Femmes Puissantes, Femmes Inspirantes Podcast:

Geneviève on L’académie du Podcast:

CJPF Radio:

Niky Radio:!/niky-radio-entrevues!/niky-radio-entrevues/niky-radio-chronique-de-genevieve-kyle-lefebvre-2020-05-13!/niky-radio-entrevues/niky-radio-chronique-de-genevieve-kyle-lefebvre-2020-05-06!/niky-radio-entrevues/niky-radio-chronique-de-genevieve-kyle-lefebvre-2020-04-29!/niky-radio-entrevues/niky-radio-chronique-de-genevieve-kyle-lefebvre-2020-04-22!/niky-radio-entrevues/niky-radio-chronique-de-genevieve-kyle-lefebvre-2020-04-08

La Voix de L'Est:

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