Sandwich Generation Struggles… What to Do When Young Kids and Parents Need Help Financially with Angela Calla | Mom Talk / TCCTV

Moms, ever felt caught in the financial squeeze of raising young kids while supporting aging parents? Dive into a compelling interview with Angela Calla, a Mortgage Expert, Author, and Business Leader, as we tackle the struggles of the "Sandwich Generation" and discover solutions for those financial challenges.

Curious about the unique challenges faced by the Sandwich Generation? Angela Calla sheds light on the intricacies and offers practical insights to navigate these complex financial landscapes.

Facing affordability challenges with expenses soaring? Learn how to assist the Sandwich Generation during these demanding times, unraveling strategies to make financial burdens more manageable.

Beyond finances, the stress of the Sandwich Generation can lead to burnout, depression, isolation, and guilt. Feeling stuck and stressed? Discover actionable tips from Angela on managing stress, including recharging, sharing the load, and determining non-negotiable needs.

Tune in to this empowering conversation with Angela Calla, and let's navigate the financial complexities of the Sandwich Generation together.

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