Troubleshooting Behavioural Issues in Young Children with Sonja Braig | Mom Talk/TCCTV

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Moms, ever found yourself navigating the labyrinth of behavioral issues in your little ones? Dive into an enlightening interview on “Troubleshooting Behavioral Issues in Young Children” with our expert guest, Sonja Braig, a Social Worker and the Clinical Director at Brightstart Counselling.


What exactly falls under the umbrella of common child behavior problems? We’ll unravel the complexities—from lying and defiance to screen time struggles and bedtime battles.


Curious about where to begin when troubleshooting these behavioral challenges? Join us as Sonja shares practical starting points to address these common issues, drawing from her wealth of experience as a Clinical Director.


Is teaching impulse control skills the secret key to tackling these challenges? Tune in to this empowering conversation, and let’s navigate the world of childhood behavior together.

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