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Ladies, ever pondered the profound impact of body positivity on your self-perception and overall well-being? Join me in a riveting conversation with Cathy Cena, author of “Fifty and Curvy with a Sprinkle of Fabulous,” and Jenn Fountain, a renowned photographer empowering women through projects like “40 over 40” and boudoir sessions.


Cathy, with her sprinkle of fabulousness, shares her vision on body positivity and why it’s a game-changer. Meanwhile, Jenn, the lens behind empowering photos, delves into the impact of a poor self-image and strategies to enhance our body positivity.


Dive into this enriching discussion as we explore ways to improve body images and confront the question: Can the body positivity movement sometimes turn toxic? Let’s unravel the layers of acceptance, challenge societal norms, and celebrate every curve, age, and uniqueness together.


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