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Are you curious about the evolution of surrogacy in Canada?

Have you ever considered using a surrogate or even being one yourself?

Did you know that the increase in surrogacy in Canada has been dramatic with an estimate of 400% over the last decade!

The main reasons for this increase is 1- Infertility, with couples waiting till later in life to try and conceive as well as 2- Gay couples who are choosing to become parents.

In today’s new episode, Vanessa Wideski shares her own personal experience of being a surrogate mother and explains the whole process.

Enjoy listening to this beautiful story of such a pure expression of love. Maybe it will introduce you to an alternative solution in your own fertility journey or possibly even inspire you to become a surrogate yourself!


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Geneviève & Heather

Episode: E151 Surrogacy 

Guest(s): Vanessa Wideski, two time Surrogate Mother, and Mom of two.


  1. Haydee on June 20, 2021 at 9:09 am

    Vanessa always puts Love first and this is another example of it. I love what she says about being on the other end of surrogacy, receiving the nurturing and loving attention from both families. It’s a gift to give love and an equally beautiful gift to welcome love in your life.