E159 – The early signs of autism with Carolyn Turkington | Parent Talk

Do you know what are some early signs of autism?


*Doesn’t respond with a smile or happy expression by 6 months. 

*Doesn’t mimic sounds or facial expressions by 9 months.

*Doesn’t babble or coo by 12 months. *Doesn’t gesture — such as point or wave — by 14 months.


Does this sound like your child or a child you know?


In today’s episode,  Carolyne Turkinton is sharing with us her son’s diagnosis story, the key things she did to get help fast, and how she views autism in her family.


We hope this podcast brings a lot of value to your family.


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Episode: 158 – The early signs of autism

Guest: Carolyn Turkington, Middle School Educator that has specialized in teaching Special Education, Founder of the Moms Babes & Author


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