E57 – Home Birth with Grace Yun – Parent Talk

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Episode:E-57 Home Birth
Guest(s):Grace Yun, Registered Midwife

Today on ParentTalk, Geneviève and Heather are welcoming Grace Yun, Registered Midwife, to tell us all about Home Births.

We cover:

 • Grace shares her personal Home Birth experiences.
 • Why might expectant parents want to choose to have a Home Birth instead of a Hospital Birth.
 • Is it a good idea to take a child birth/prenatal class before having a Home Birth?
 • Is it possible for a family to keep their placenta in a home birth setting.
 • Home Water Births.
 • How long does the Midwife stay after a birth? Who is responsible for cleaning up?
 • What care will a Midwife provide in a transfer situation.
 • Grace goes over all the equipment that a Midwife brings with her.
 • Is there an increase in Home Births?

**Content Edit: Please note that Grace talks about how OBs are there for high risk pregnancies however she also meant to say that they are present in regular pregnancies as well when a patient isn’t using a midwife and also sometimes to assist and or consult with a midwife at the hospital.**