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E58 – The Importance of Flossing your Child’s Teeth with Pria Dhaliwal & Shannon Derrick – Parent Talk

Episode: E-58 The Importance of Flossing your Child’s Teeth. 

Guest(s):Dental Hygienists Pria Dhaliwal and Shannon Derrick

Today on ParentTalk, Geneviève and Heather are welcoming Dental Hygienists Pria Daliwall and Shannon Derrick to talk about the importance of flossing your child’s teeth. 

We cover:

 • Why it is so important to floss our own teeth and our children’s teeth.  
 • When should we start to floss our child’s teeth. 
 • Tips on how to floss your child’s teeth. 
 • As Hygienists, what do they recommend to their clients who do not floss regularly? 

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