Hey there, fellow moms! We know the pandemic has been tough on all of us, and we want to acknowledge how it has affected our social lives. It's been a challenging time, and sadly, many of us have felt lonely, isolated, and anxious. We understand that during stressful times, it's natural to focus on the quality of our friendships rather than the quantity. However, as time goes on, we may find ourselves losing touch with other moms as we navigate new motherhood challenges.

That's why we're excited to announce that it's time to reconnect with our mom community! We've revamped our ParentTalk Podcast and rebranded it as The Mom Talk Show, with new content designed exclusively for moms. Our show features interviews with parenting experts and is hosted by Geneviève, Becca, and Heather.

In addition, we've teamed up with Tri-Cities Community Television to bring you some in-person interviews, and we're creating a series of mini videos and podcasts called "3 Tips in 3 Minutes for Moms," designed specifically for busy moms like us.

We're thrilled to be working together and having so much fun creating new content for all of you!

So, make sure to follow us on social media to keep up with our weekly updates.

Yours truly,

Geneviève, Becca & Heather

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Our Story...

Welcome to the story of The Mom Talk Show, formerly known as Parent Talk Podcast! Our community started with just four moms meeting up for lunch at Geneviève's house, but it quickly grew to over 600 moms from all walks of life who were ready to support and learn from each other. We had moms of all experience levels and professions, making us the perfect group for a parenting podcast!

Geneviève had the fantastic idea of starting a podcast to give a voice to all our expert moms and share their knowledge with other moms who might need some support. One of the original four moms, Heather, was on board right away and became one of our co-hosts!

In early 2020, Becca was new to the Tricities and looking for new mom friends when she connected with Geneviève and Heather on social media. Just as she was about to join them for lunch at Geneviève's house, the pandemic hit, and everything changed. But Becca didn't let that stop her from connecting with us! She joined us on our virtual meet-ups and even recorded an episode as one of our experts in Season 4. Becca loved her experience so much that she became a co-host the following year!

Geneviève continues to host local events with families through Tri-Cities United. If you're a mom looking for a supportive community, look up Tri-Cities United on Facebook and join our group! We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into our community.

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