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But that's not all! We're excited to announce our latest addition: **"3 Tips in 3 Minutes for Busy Moms!"** We understand that, as a busy mom, your time is precious. That's why we've condensed expert advice into quick, bite-sized tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

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Geneviève, Becca & Heather

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Our Journey...

Welcome to The Mom Talk Show, formerly known as Parent Talk Podcast! Our journey began with just four moms gathering for lunch at Geneviève's house. Little did we know that this small gathering would evolve into a thriving community of over 600 moms from diverse backgrounds, all eager to support and learn from one another. With moms of various experience levels and professions, we quickly became the perfect collective for a parenting podcast.

The spark for our podcast was ignited by Geneviève, who had the brilliant idea of giving a platform to our expert moms and sharing their knowledge with mothers seeking support. Heather, one of the original four moms, immediately joined in and became one of our co-hosts, bringing her insights and expertise to the table.

In early 2020, Becca, a newcomer to the Tricities area, was on the lookout for new mom friends. She connected with Geneviève and Heather on social media and was on the verge of joining them for lunch at Geneviève's house when the pandemic struck, altering everything. However, Becca was undeterred. She joined our virtual meet-ups and even featured as one of our experts in Season 4. Becca cherished her experience so much that she came on board as a co-host the following year.

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