E08 – Parent Talk – Motor Skills Development in Children 1 – 5 Years with Silvana Echeverri & aback Rowshandeli – Parent Talk

Episode: No. 8 – Gross Motor Skill Development in Children 1-5 years with Physiotherapist
Guest(s): Silvana Echeverri, BScKin, MPT from Kids Physio Group and Gymnastics Coach Baback Rowshandeli from Jump Gymnastics.

Today Genevieve and Heather are welcoming Physiotherapist, Silvana Echeverri and Gymnastics Coach, Baback Rowshandeli to talk about Gross Motor Skills from 1-5 years.

The conversation will include:

 • What are the Gross Motor Skill Milestones in Children 1-5 years.
 • The 3 main categories of those Gross Motor Skills: Stationery Skills, Motion Skills, and Object Manipulation Skills. 
 • Why it is important to keep up with those Skills/Milestones and the impact of not achieving them.
 • The importance and impact of Physical Literacy.